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Quick Oil Changes for Cars in Concord

Oil Change
There are many things that you can do to keep your vehicle running at prime efficiency, but none of your options are as easy and as affordable as an oil change. Getting your oil changed at regular intervals, generally every 3 months or 3,000 miles for convential oils and every 6 months or 7,500 miles for full synthetic oils, allows your vehicle to stay in exceptional shape, as you are not only flushing out the old fluids but also preventing possible future problems by keeping the system fresh and clean. At Acme Auto Repair in Concord, we know all auto makes and models inside and out, including the best type of fluids for your car.

Conventional, High-Mileage and Synthetic Options for Your Vehicle

With several different kinds and brands available on the market today, it’s important to understand the differences between each one and which is optimal for your vehicle. We’ll help you choose from the three most common:
  • Conventional oil: One of the most popular types, this is the typical choice for most cars with its availability in several viscosities and temperature specifications along with average levels of performance.
  • High-mileage oil: For those whose vehicles have over 75,000 miles, this type gives you reduced oil consumption while helping to replenish worn seals and lost compression.
  • Synthetic oil: This type gives you the ultimate peace of mind with premium fuel economy, cleaning power, performance and protection due to its additives and testing. It’s the best choice for those who haul heavier loads or have fancy engines.

Bring Your Auto in Today

Keeping your car and engine in pristine condition is our greatest goal here at Acme Auto Repair. From installing a new air filter with every oil change to performing a quality brake service, we are the only shop you need in the Concord area. Find out more about our services by giving us a call today at 925-685-8495.