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Comprehensive Transmission Repair in Concord

Transmission Service/Repair
Your automatic transmission is vital to the overall running of your vehicle. While convenient to drive with when it’s functioning properly, when it’s not, your car loses the ability to automatically shift gears. This leaves your vehicle unable to accelerate or obtain power as it should and often comes with gear slipping and fluid leaking. At Acme Auto Repair, we are skilled in the art of affordable, thorough transmission repair. With over 55 years of experience with both automatic and manual transmissions, you’re in good hands with our talented team.

Also Servicing Manual Vehicles

If you’ve begun to notice a leak that isn’t related to your oil, air conditioning or other part, and have been unable to shift into front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, chances are you have a problem with your transmission. Manual transmissions require the use of clutches, the part that connects your engine to your wheels. When either of these experience problems, you need expert transmission repair to get your auto back in top shape. Each of our technicians is able to:
  • Drain and replace your fluid
  • Flush your fluid
  • Repair slipping gears
  • Fix shifting issues
  • Diagnose overheating problems
  • Replace torque converters and much more!
Whether your car has a manual or automatic transmission, keeping them properly maintained and running smoothly will give your vehicle a much longer lifespan.

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At Acme Auto Repair, we’re proud to have served the Concord area since 1951. From servicing your manual transmissions to performing a smog test, we are the only stop you need for vehicle repairs. Our experienced auto technicians are here to ensure a fast, comprehensive consultation no matter what the problem might be. Schedule your appointment today by calling 925-685-8495, or stop in and see us.