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Expertly Servicing Brake Systems for Cars in Concord

Brake System
Taking your car out on the open road is always a good time  unless you’re having trouble with your braking system. From the moment your foot touches the pedal, your brake pads create friction while your rotors evenly distribute the heat from that action throughout your vehicle. Your brakes are imperative to the safe operation of your vehicle and need proper maintenance to keep them fully functional. At Acme Auto Repair, we offer Concord customers exceptionally fast and comprehensive brake repair with a number of services, including:
  • Resurface rotors
  • Caliper replacement
  • Fluid flushes
  • Pad replacement
  • Anti-lock brake system (ABS) repairs
  • Shoe replacement

Signs You Need to Seek Repairs or Replacements

Staying in tune with your vehicle and its needs is the first step in making sure your braking system is working properly. As you drive your car around town, you may need brake service if you begin to notice:
  • You’re pushing harder on the pedal.
  • Your pedal is lower to the ground.
  • Vibration when engaging your brakes.
  • Pulling to one side while braking.
  • Your pedals are touchy or grabbing when engaged.
  • Clicking, screeching or grinding noises when engaged.
  • The indicator is illuminated on the dashboard.
Whether it’s simple hoses you need replaced or a complete line repair, our auto technicians are thoroughly trained in the art of brake service and can give you the advice you need regarding repairs.

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